Women & Kids Empowerment
(WAKE) Academy
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As a Board member for WAKE Academy, founded by Batouly Camara, a professional basketball player, Fanta supports the strategic direction of Africa’s first basketball academy for young Guinean girls and underserved youth in the Bronx.

The Sadie Collective


As co-founder of the Sadie Collective, Fanta has played a pivotal role in redefining economics and what it looks like to be an economist. Creating the Collective and building the movement has been a natural and organic response to a severe problem in economics & related fields. 


Image by Markus Winkler

Letter to  Employer was an organic response to recognizing the needs of Black employees across the world seeking to encourage their employers to take urgent action. The letter template has circulated widely across the world and has been used to address leadership across the following institutions: 

  • American Economics Association

  • Deloitte 

  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 

  • The Federal Reserve System 

  • National Bureau of Economic Research 

  • WeWork 

  • Wikimedia Foundation

  • World Bank

  • World Economic Forum