Fanta Traore is a visionary leader, committed to the freedom 
and agency for the historically disenfranchised through the vehicles of
social impact, economic analysis and and economic policy. 


Fanta Traore is an economist and entrepreneur pursuing dual degreees at Yale University at the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs (MPP) and at the School of Management (MBA). She leverages data and research to solve her team’s most pressing challenges through analysis, storytelling and program design with a knack for implementation. She enjoys using data to strengthen the case for economic and social justice for people who have infinite potential but are limited by the circumstances that inefficient policy has afforded them. A proud Howard University alum, with extensive experience in the social innovation ecosystem and with the U.S. Central Bank, she's advised. the Biden Transition Team on the Federal Reserve, and is a sought out thought leader on shaping the future of work for youth and women. 


Some of the communities she has influenced in the world of data are: Black and marginalized women in economics, marginalized groups in entrepreneurship, African youth, and African academics. She recently co-founded The Sadie Collective, the organizing body behind the Sadie T.M. Alexander Conference, and currently serves as its Chief Executive Officer.


"Fanta Traore is the co-founder of the Sadie Collective, a growing nonprofit organization that addresses pipeline and pathway problems in the field of economics and related fields for early career professionals, specifically black women. At Sadie Collective, Traore, and cofounder Anna Gifty Opoku-Agyeman, are on the frontlines of changing the face of economics and supporting the black women building careers. Below, Traore shares the “inherent structural violence” and challenges that keep black women out of economics and ideas to close the gap." - Maryann Reid, Forbes Magazine



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